Rajinikanth – A Force to Accept or Reject?

​It was the moment when the popular belief became untrue because of a famous announcement. When Superstar Rajinikanth, in front of his huge number of fans gathered at Raghavendra Mandapam, gave an official word on his political entry which was originated 25 years ago, debates popped up as usual. It is obvious since even his yawn becomes a headline. To be honest to myself, I was someone who believed his entry is not going to work big time due to various factors.

Being a close observer of the current politics, I have now started asking myself “Why shouldn’t he?”. Presently, we are in a country where democracy is at its peak except for those new entrants of politics who wouldn’t be allowed to file their nominations if they are going to affect vote banks. When there is a lack of proper leadership, if not a proper leader, there arises a need for a ‘face’ that gives some ray of hope. If so, should the face belong to only Rajinikanth? Definitely not. But what’s the benchmark you have for dictating people who enters politics? If it’s going to be the ‘Tamilian’ identity, then am completely not with it. I would immediately advice those with such a claim to celebrate the current administrators of TN who has ‘that’ identity they ask for. If they say ‘NO’, then it’s a voluntary acceptance that the identity claim is a failure. Your identity doesn’t define your heart. Period.

“What did he do to the people of Tamilnadu?”. Well, I am not his advocate to list what all he has done till date. But I can ask you back a question “Did you stand in queue during the election day to vote for him or stand in theatre queue to buy tickets for his movies all these years?”. Yes, a star, especially the ones like Rajini, has social responsibility a bit more than any common man. They can do social services, with or without the knowledge of the public, with the great amount of money that they have earned through hardwork in their careers. But can they solve the Cauvery issue or the Jallikattu issue just by giving voice? Even if they raise their voice, will the media and public debate about their stand on the particular issue or their motto to enter politics? Have we ever stood in front of the CM or PM’s house and protested against them for refusing our basic needs and rights?

A sense of insecurity surrounds us always without our knowledge. People are anytime ready to say ‘it won’t work, nothing is good, the world is not fine’. It is in the same mindset that they viewed Rajini’s Political Entry too until the previous day of his announcement. Some even went to the extreme of saying that he would just wish his fans a Happy New Year on the last day of the meet, without realizing the fact that this is the first time that Rajini himself had promised to make an announcement regarding politics. All the speculations made before were by the media and general public. The fact that Rajini was stretching and delaying the announcement way too much was the biggest black mark for him as a personality, particularly in the last few years. As he himself has put an end to it with a fiery and effective speech, his morality cannot be questioned anymore, though the group that strives to put him down will try their best, like a section has already started calling it a ‘promotional tactics’ for 2.0. When you clarify what’s been spoken negative about you for so long, the same will work in your favor.

Rajini’s superstardom may or may not work in politics. He might be a revolution or just another politician. A healthy argument (not something like the illogical association of his term ‘Spiritual Politics’ with Hindutva and BJP) should always be encouraged on any topic or individual. But ruling out someone straightaway without even sparing a moment to hear their ideologies is like killing a baby even before it is born. Rajinikanth’s promise to clean the corrupted system should work, considering his own words that he need not run towards money or power at this age. For others who wish to grow by suppressing him based on his identities and profession, prove the people that you are better than him and succeed if they accept you. Never try to benefit by bringing someone down. After all, the voters are the final judges in the democratic court.

Welcome to Politics Superstar Rajinikanth!


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