Being a Girl in Social Media is NOT EASY!

Gone are the days when people used to talk and exchange their feelings directly to each other. Now that everything has become digital, the influence of social media is immense on human interaction. Whatever the form it takes, the craze for boys and girls on each other is unstoppable. They get adapted to every new technology quickly and show their love(?) in the best updated version possible.

Once after facebook became our breakfast, lunch and dinner, the link between unknowns has grown to a different level. Comparatively, to be honest, boys love to spend their time in talking to girls for a major part of their day without getting bored or tired whereas it is not the same case with girls (or we are yet to understand them fully). In the recent years, it is facebook that binds relationships together and as we all know, chatting with people who we like is unavoidable even if we don’t wish. An usual complaint from boys on girls is that they fail to respond to their messages either quickly or totally, be it in Facebook or WhatsApp. 

I myself had the same feel before I viewed the reality. One of my best friends (a girl) had to encounter a tough phase with a guy few months back. He tortured her, threatened her with the age old request, to love him back. She refused and that’s how the request became a threat. She sought my help to deal with it and was decoding all his facebook messages to me after which I would tell her​ how/what to respond. This was continuing for few hours after which she got exhausted and gave me her facebook password to read all his messages from the beginning myself and give her a solution. Since my duty was to get into her inbox for this purpose (otherwise its a criminal offense, mind it!), I just entered it.

Though I know a little about this being a boy, what I saw that day was really shocking. There were hundreds of unread messages in her inbox in which most of them said a “Hii” to her, some of them conveyed their admirations towards her beauty, some of them pleaded her for a single reply and few of them talked with vulgarity. That was the time when I actually realised a girl’s practical difficulties in handling social media. She would be called arrogant if she doesn’t reply. She would be called a slut if she replies everyone. So what’s the best way out for her? Yes, there would have definitely been some really decent and genuine guys out of those hundred. But how can she decide, from such large numbers, on who is good and who is bad? It was a moment of enlightenment, which may, as an example, help us to stop judging a girl with just her chats and replies and understand the fact that her real character and feelings are beyond all these.

Yes.. Being a Girl (in Social Media) is NOT EASY!


2 thoughts on “Being a Girl in Social Media is NOT EASY!

  1. Great, Mr. Annamalai. I know about your thinking and writing skills. But what I have seen in this article is your ability to emphasize a friend. The short hand explanation for empathy is “getting into one’s shoes” or “walk with a person for a mile’. Here you have shown your empathetic mind by getting into the Facebook. My advice – I must have told many times in the classrooms that I don’t want to advice – is confine your Facebook conversation to only your hobbies, intellectual and other pursuits. I have read this some 20 years ago. An economist working for Goldman Sachs said that the “New (Digital) Economy is Nude Economy”. To this, I will add it is RUDE as well. Writing momentary feelings will not become a history. It will show us in NUDE. Obviously, we don’t want to look nude. Nor we want to see others in that mode. Your Generation Is Blessed and Cursed Simultaneously! You have been given so much of freedom to express yourself. But this blessing will remain a blessing only if young kids are discerning in expressing what they want to.
    Annamalai, you make us proud for a number of reasons. By playing this wonderful role to your friend and by giving appropriate advice you have furnished one more reason to feel proud of you.
    All the Best!
    S. Gnanaharan

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