Why Vijay is Great? A Real Incident with a ‘Special’ Fan! 

August 5, 2014 was meant to be yet another normal day for this guy before he got that surprise appointment to meet Thalapathy Vijay, his dream superhero since childhood.

He is a differently abled guy from Coimbatore who has a lot of dreams about writing and filmmaking where one of his dreams was to meet Vijay since he holds a great emotional connection with him and considers him as a boost in all his ups and downs. Finally, his dream was about to be fulfilled at a Studio in Chennai where Vijay was shooting for ‘Kaththi’ with Director A.R.Murugadoss. The appointment was a private one, thanks to the efforts of his family friend who is also a close associate of Vijay. 

He had the excitement, fear, emotion and everything that are bound to happen to a hardcore Vijay Fan while meeting the Idol for the first time. When he entered the studio with 5 more members from his family, he saw people working on the sets for a song shoot which was happening from the morning. His hero was shooting inside for the song where people were not allowed. So this guy along with his family had to wait outside for sometime. Once the particular shot was completed, Actor Vijay had a quick lunch break. When he was called inside then, his heart started pumping as expected. He was going to meet the person who he had watched and celebrated all his life. 

In few minutes, the MAN had arrived. Yes.. He has finally seen him! Vijay told a “Hi” to him, shook hands with his family members, took photographs with them and sat on the Sofa where this guy was seated. The photographers took both formal and candid photos covering them both.

After the photo session, to everyone’s surprise said this guy, “I wanna talk with u ‘alone’ for few minutes Anna”. His family members and the people around him got shocked hearing this, but not Vijay. He immediately told a “Yes” and asked the other people to wait outside. Those 10 minutes of conversation with his HERO was the most memorable moment of this guy’s life till date, to be honest. During the interaction, at one point of time, this guy was slipping down from his Sofa, out of excitement. Vijay, by noting this, asked him, “Are u Ok?”. He, with a little frustration, told, “No Anna. I wanna make myself a little more comfortably seated in the Sofa”. “What should be done?” asked Vijay. “I need a little help to sit better Anna. Let me call my mom who is standing outside” said the guy. 

The moment he said that, Vijay himself stood up, helped the guy to sit better on the sofa and asked him “Are u comfortable now?”. His hero had touched him and helped him to be comfortable.. Wow! Those few seconds still seem like a dream to that guy. Vijay could have easily called people around for helping the guy but what he did at that time without even giving a second thought was something exceptional. That’s why he is VIJAY.

The Darling of the Masses patiently listened to all the child-like wishes and dreams of the guy. Though he was called several times by the people in the unit since the next shot was ready, he said “Wait” to them and graciously spent time with him which is something that one cannot expect from a celebrity of his range. Before finally leaving for the shoot, this was the conversation between them both..

Vijay: Ok.. All the best for all ur dreams.. Naan Poagattaa? (Can I leave?)

That Guy: No Anna.. Don’t go.

Vijay(with a smile): But Avunga Enna Kooppudraangalae.. (But they are calling me for the shoot right?)

That Guy(with a half heart): Ok na..

Vijay: Unga Paeru Enna Sonninga? (What’s ur name that​ u said?)

That Guy: Annamalai na..

Vijay: Annamalai.. Hmmm..

Yeah.. ‘That Guy’ is none other than me, Annamalai, an MBA Graduate from Coimbatore, the one who is writing this! It was a day that I could never forget till I inhale oxygen for the final time. The sweetness, friendliness and calmness of Thalapathy was totally unexpected from my side and it had proved​ me that my hero​ is definitely not someone who would fit into the fake perceptions of people with regard to the big stars. He is VIJAY, an Unique Caring Personality! 

Anna.. Am extremely happy to share the golden experience that I had while meeting u.. I would consider myself really happy and lucky if I could meet u once again in my life.. A Very Very Happy Birthday to u.. Let only Success and Smile be yours. Keep inspiring us by being who you are right now. LOVE U FOREVER!

With Love,



6 thoughts on “Why Vijay is Great? A Real Incident with a ‘Special’ Fan! 

  1. annamalai na I am ur mother (alagu ammai .mam) student PRAKASH..S.K.
    …she told a lot about u in the class hours.. By reading this I am really proud of u…!!! notice na I am die hard thala fan…but this article is awesome.. wishing a great successful yr 2 uu…


  2. this s nothing but portrayal of ur heart’s rythemic beat the moment when u met him… go ahead buddy… u r so nearer to ur drmzzzz…


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