CT2017 Loss: A Lesson for the Indian Players or Fans?

Its an obvious fact that Cricket is a game where u cannot win every game, though u r a champion side. The Indians were the favourites to win the Champions Trophy right from the beginning of the tournament and the world knows how deep Cricket is rooted into the minds of the Indian people. 

India was tremendous asusual to reach the finals of the tournament after beating the likes of Pakistan and Bangladesh. We cannot refuse to accept the fact that there were some changes meant to be done in the team and also on the mindset of the players especially during the finals. Lack of a 5th bowler costed us the trophy itself and some forceful additions like Kedar Jadhav is debatable.

On the other hand, one cannot avoid getting a feel whether the Indian fans were a little overconfident in this series. There is nothing wrong in wishing our country to achieve success in every event they participate. But this series has seen a lot of trolls and hatred from Indian fans (even from some retired players) over other nations since we were considered unbeatable. Fan fights and online wars happen during every big clash but this time the fans went a little overboard in underestimating the oppositions, thanks to the terrific form of the Indian Team. Though people are aware that only positivity can take any team home, the growth of the social media makes things like this inevitable. 

It is time for both the Indian Players and Fans to realign their mindsets to achieve more unimaginable tasks in the future without showing hatred towards other teams. After all, Cricket is a Gentleman’s​ Game!


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